The EASE App began as an idea in the operating room and turned into a national brand with a successful exit. The Ease App enables hospitals to communicate to patients and their families throughout the hospital experience.

From Idea to Exit

The de la Roza Group team members all helped Ease Applications grow from an idea to a successful exit. This included all aspects of scaling an idea into a viable software that was commercialized to hospitals nationally. With over 1M downloads, the Ease app has become the premier way for hospitals to communicate updates on patients undergoing medical care. The Ease app is used by top hospitals around the country and helped revolutionize how hospitals interact with patient families.

App Development

Ease was grown from an idea into a HIPAA Compliant and HITRUST certified software. Members of the de la Roza group team helped coordinate all of the initial outsource development and eventually hired and managed a full development team. Our team has years of experience in bootstrapping a software, hiring and managing software engineers and building all of the necessary development processes. The de la Roza Group team understands all of the complexities of best practices in software development, app deployments, web dashboard development and back-end infrastructure. We are experts in all aspects of Apple and Android development and back-end infrastructure such as AWS.

Sales and Marketing

Selling in the healthcare industry is incredibly challenging and complex. Multiple stakeholders, agendas and the bureaucracy of IT and legal departments only add to the sales cycle. Members of the de la Roza Group team developed sophisticated and targeted ways to sell, evangelize and create adoption for a new product. Our “5 step pillar sales methodology” has been proven to drive sales and navigate the bureaucracy of healthcare sales. The team also created a comprehensive traditional and digital marketing strategy for go-to-market. Our digital marketing, brochure mailings, SEO and SEM tactics lead to year-over-year growth and the addition of national hospital clients.

Legal work and Strategy

Members of the de la Roza Group helped developed all of the complex paperwork needed to run a software company in the healthcare space. This included the creation of corporate documents such as operating agreements, loan documents and all incorporation items. Further work was done creating hospital contracts, purchase orders, HIPAA agreements, Business Associate agreements, and app terms and conditions. We have all the resources needed to help you create and understand what is needed to launch or scale your business.

Acquisition Process, Presentations and Negotiations

Members of the de la Roza Group were all a part of the presenting, negotiations and legal work needed to complete a successful acquisition to a publicly traded company. Our team built and presented multiple pitch decks on the EASE business plan, sales and marketing strategy, software development structure and financial viability.

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