Fan Stamp Press-On Face Paint Case Study

Our team helped to create a new press-on face paint retail product company for Halloween, sports, theme parks and attractions. Assisted in acquiring Disney Princess, Disney Pixar, NCAA college and NBA licenses for use of protected marks in creating unique designs for sporting events, attractions and toy industry. Assisted in raising investor funding and created the strategy to sell into Walgreens, Toys R Us, Disney World, Justice, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Sea World, 12 zoos and 26 Independent college bookstores and toy stores.

From Idea to Execution

The de la Roza Group helped Fan Stamp a children’s Press-on-Face-Paint company from startup to execution. Our team helped to create all their retail packaging displays and product designs. The team further created a coordinated sales and pricing strategy that landed distribution at Walgreens , Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us and major theme parks. The DG team helped develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for their new product lines. This included research, pricing recommendations and a sales and marketing strategy.

Retail packaging and designs

Our team helped ideate round new creative product designs and point of purchase packaging. We helped secure designers and packaging companies to help Fan Stamp go from an idea to a retail product in the store.

Marketing Strategy and Collateral

Our team helped create the entire brand of Fan Stamp. This included logo creation, a brand new e-commerce website, marketing brochures and collateral. The DG Team has all the resources you need to help you get started or augment what you are doing in marketing.

Sales Strategy

The de la Roza Group further assisted creating the sales and go-to-market strategy for this new retail product. Working with members of the Fan Stamp leadership, the DG team helped Fan Stamp secure retail distribution into major retailers and theme parks. These included Walgreens, Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us, Sea World, National Zoos, College bookstores and independent toy stores.

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