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Business advisory services
to help companies scale

The de la Roza Group team has grown and sold multiple companies. We have worked with startups, complex Fortune 500 organizations and have all the resources you need to help you scale and exit.

Business Strategy

We will help you look at your business from new angles, develop broader customer insights and create a blueprint for a leading competitive advantage.

People, Culture and Hiring

We have built sales, customer success and tech teams from the ground floor. Our hiring process will ensure you don’t over hire and find the right new additions. Together we can assemble the best group of  people to help you succeed.

Sales Strategy

Our team has sold to major retailers, hospitals, B2B, consumers and the ultimate sale, an exit. We can help you craft a sales strategy, build pipeline and close more deals.

Marketing Strategy

Amplify your voice with a comprehensive digital, PR and traditional marketing plan. Our experts can assist you with web development, digital marketing, SEO, and traditional media to help drive leads and more business.

Operations Management

Our team has managed small teams and processes in a startup environment and created the sophistication needed to scale. We have also been executives at Fortune 500 organizations and managed complex large teams. We can help you refine your process and scale efficiently.

Technical Expertise

Navigating the complexities of software development, technical resources and app development can be overwhelming. Our staff of experts can help you understand what you truly need and help you assemble your technical team.

Navigating business
challenges, together

As serial entrepreneurs, we know the grind, challenges and fear it takes to grow a successful company. We have built our success on the belief that “I will not be out worked by the person next to me.” We will bring that same passion to your business needs.

  • Commitment to delivering excellence
  • We had to think different to sell our companies
  • We work smarter and harder
  • The best idea wins, now let’s make it happen

Our Leadership – We’ve always done things a little different.

The path to success can be achieved many ways, and nothing beats hard work and dedication.

Mr. de la Roza is an entrepreneurially minded CEO with a proven record of excellence that has exited two companies. Successfully started and scaled a company from inception to exit. Hardworking and with a passion for creating an accountable and team oriented culture. Competitive, goal driven and an excellent communicator and presenter. I have built my career on creating an environment of loyal and hard working teams collectively exceeding goals. Learn more about Patrick de la Roza.

Let the de la Roza Group
illuminate the path to success


Creating a safe environment to bring out the best solutions is paramount.


We approach challenges from all angles to arrive at the best and most cost effective solution.

Best idea wins

Egos are checked at the door. It’s not about who came up with the idea or a person’s title. What is best for the business and success wins.

Vocera Communications Case Study

In 2020, Vocera Communications (NYSE:VCRA) acquired Ease Applications for 28m. This successful acquisition and partnership was the catalyst to immediate growth for the Ease App a patient communication software. The team of de la Roza Group were instrumental in the growth of Ease from an idea to successful exit. We are health care consulting experts that can help you in all aspects of your company.

See the full case study.
"Patrick de la Roza is a multi-talented leader and entrepreneur."

"Patrick de la Roza is a multi-talented leader and entrepreneur."

"His skill set involves all aspects of business, marketing, sales, communication, human resources and management. In addition, he has in-depth knowledge and expertise in mobile application development, branding and website design. As a Co-founder of EASE Applications LLC, he took an idea from a start-up to scale and exit. He is engaging and personable, an excellent communicator and superb motivator for all those that work with him."
Hamish Munro, MD, FRCA Director - Director, Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Arthur App Case Study

The de la Roza Group worked with the Orlando Health Strategic Innovations Team to commercialize and scale the Arthur App company. Arthur App is a healthcare software that becomes the patient’s voice when they cannot speak for themselves. Arthur App is built to give patients a voice while they are intubated or having difficulty speaking. Our team helped to take this from a pilot in the hospital to a commercially viable product, hired staff, built the marketing and sales strategy and helped to operationalize the business. Learn about Arthur App.

Fan Stamp Case Study

The de la Roza Group helped Fan Stamp a children’s Press-on-Face-Paint company from startup to execution. Our team helped to create all their retail packaging displays and product designs. The team further created a coordinated sales and pricing strategy that landed distribution at Walgreens , Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us and major theme parks. Learn more about how we helped Fan Stamp go from an idea to a revenue driving company.


We have over 15 years of health care sales and marketing experience. We understand and have sold to complex bureaucratic national hospitals. We have created healthcare websites, print ads and hours of commercial videos. Our expert health care consultants have everything you need to operationalize, diversify and scale.

See our health care consulting case study.


M&A Experts, bootstrapping specialists and ready to take your business to the next level.


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